Christmas at St Albans Smethwick 2012

Groups at St Albans - Friendship Club 20Friday lunchtime and l had been invited to St Alban’s Community Association to enjoy lunch and l believe there was going to be a show for the many people who attended the luncheon club.

I was met by Tonia Flannagan the Manager and she is the most welcoming hostess ever, she introduced me to everyone and what a great atmosphere it was, everyone was having the time of their lives enjoying the fabulous food and waiting for the cabaret to begin.

I enjoyed the tastiest chip butty ever, l can’t remember the last time l indulged it was wonderful, and l could tell by the look on everybody’s faces it was a joyous meal.

There was so much to choose from on the menu we were all being spoilt for choice. It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many people who had been coming to the centre for many years and to realize that the centre was the heart of the community.

How do l begin to explain to you that when the show began there were so many famous faces and groups, imagine my surprise when Abba went on stage to perform their well known songs from yesteryear and Kirsty MaCColl and The Pogues sang their haunting song of ‘ Fairytale of New York ‘ l was looking for the talent scout that normally is on the look out for outstanding talent, l am sure it would have made front page of The Express and Star.

It was a fantastic time and The Beetles sang to us, and what a shock to see The Spice Girls performing, and gosh that Posh Spice really is a posh bird. l know we had to be in the best place ever it was absolute heaven.

I was so sorry that l had to leave but to everyone from the ladies and gentlemen that cooked and served the meals, to the superb staff who were truly magnificent to have worked so hard to make sure we all enjoyed ourselves, and of course to Tonia who is simply the best l send my sincerest thanks for making my stay with you all so wonderful. I will treasure the memories always.

By Pat Davies