Lunch Club

St Albans Lunch ClubAll the staff, volunteers and members in the Club are very pleased with everything that is accomplished, year on year.

For the fourth year running the Lunch Club has maintained high standards of hygiene and received another Top Award, this year scored 5.

FoodHygieneRatingMaintaining the high quality of meals for centre users and outmeals, is the highest priority for the Lunch Club team of staff and volunteers. From this dedication, they have spread the word to outside organisations, and the St Albans Lunch Club now provides them with hot meals as well.

It’s a very important part of the Lunch Club’s service to supply a choice of meals and puddings Mon – Fri, and frozen meals delivered Fridays for Sat – Sun and holidays, for clients who are housebound. The outmeal delivery service is more than just a hot meal and a friendly face, but for St Albans to monitor their well-being, and report any concerns to relevant agencies.

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Staff and volunteers are very proud of the fact that they supplied this service through the snow in January and February.

It is the effort of a devoted and committed team of staff and volunteers at St Albans which makes these situations possible.

It is this side of the service that contributes to relieving the stress on our clients’ families, who may not have the time, due to increasingly busy lifestyles, to regularly check on their elderly relatives. They have commented on how glad they are to have such a service, knowing that someone will be there to monitor their lifestyles, ensuring they are well, and eating properly.

In the Lunch Club, we have many partnerships including The Friendship Club and BUDS where staff and volunteers work together. The Friendship Club hold six themed events a year, each to include food and entertainment. As we do every year, we have a great Christmas celebration.