Spot On Back Yard Adventures

Spot On - Back Yard AdventuresA summer project for 20 local school children aged 8-13 years old : 6th-17th August 2012

The aim of this project was to prise the children away from computers and social network sites and encourage them to enjoy some traditional activities and face-to-face fun. These included gardening, cooking, art and design, team games, a science workshop and animal mania visits.

The children were a mix of ethnicities and gender. Some of the children were ‘looked after children’ and living with serious family problems. Behaviour issues were evident with some of the children due to their family circumstances.

The project was run with the aid of 10 volunteers who were allocated appropriately to support the children with any particular needs or issues that arose. For example, one child was prone to displaying severe anxiety and this would manifest itself in acts such as trying to run away or disengaging from the group. Actions were put in place to deal with this and on the last day of the project, during our trip to Weston, he managed his behaviour well.

The project gave access to one child with special needs; he was allocated one-to-one support at all times, the feedback received from his mother was excellent and he made significant relationships with the other children which he often finds difficult.

The project finished with a day trip to Weston-Super-Mare. The day was very successful, giving the majority of the children access to activities that would not normally be available to them.

The children made scrapbooks which they took home for keepsakes. The scrap books contained photographs of themselves and their friends during the project and signatures and messages from the people that they had met during the two weeks.

Overall the project was very successful and this was reflected from the feedback given by the children and their families.