The Lauryn Lee Appeal update

Lauryn Lee

Lauryn Lee

In October 2011, St Albans Community Association and long time family friend Jenny Jones launched an appeal for donations to send Lauryn Lee, a young girl aged 12 years who was living with renal cancer to Disney World in Florida with her family.

Unfortunately Lauryn never went to Florida but in 2014 took some holidays in England with her family and sadly passed away in November 2014.

In total £8,812.00 was raised but only £3456.00 was spent in 2014 on Lauryn and her family taking trips and holidays in England and a donation of £460 to Lauryn’s mom was made on the request of the donor. This meant the fund had partially failed.

A resolution was passed at a Board meeting on 17th June 2015 to give the remainder of the monies to two charities with similar aims and objectives to those of the Lauryn Lee appeal. Make a Wish Foundation (295672) and Dreamflight (1117303) were each given £2,678.00 from the partially failed fund.

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