Sonic 2007

Sonic 2007 - Main Group picThe 2007 autumn half term saw St Albans working with Community Learning to play host to yet another of its Holiday Schemes. This latest project aimed at encouraging the children to create a series of ‘sonic postcards’ which could then be posted on the Sonic postcard website.

This site provides access to postcards produced by children from around the country and allows them to share their work as well as sample that of others.

The project was delivered by Community Learning in conjunction with St Albans and Sonic Arts Network. Like previous projects this one involved about twenty local children aged between 8 and 12 who visited the centre, where they worked under the guidance and encouragement of experienced professionals; Iain Armstrong, Becca Laurence and Helena Gough.

The initial stage involved the use of recording equipment to capture interesting and distinctive local sounds. To do this the children were taken on a supervised trip to Titford Pump House on the local canal network where, amongst other things, they were able to record the sounds of; water rushing through sluice gates; canal-boat engines; and the sounds of local industry.

Armed with these recordings as their raw materials, the children were introduced to a computer programme that would allow them to sample and edit these sounds and create their finished postcards.

The children also individually designed and produced personalised CD covers for their own copies of the recordings.