Wind and Water 2008

Wind and Water 2008In August 2008 St Albans staged another of its Holiday Schemes. The project was delivered over a two-week period.

‘Wind and Water’ was based around an environmental theme, which aimed to draw attention to various aspects of the elemental forces, which surround and shape our every-day lives.

It began gently with pictures to consider and ideas to discuss; washing on the line to dry; planes in the sky; boats; windmills and the dispersal of seeds from flowers and trees.

The first activity was a simple one and the children spent some time building paper planes of various designs, all of which were given a chance to prove their worth in a test flight (which turned into something of a competition). This activity proved to be more popular than expected and for the next few days any piece of paper left lying around was quickly utilised as the raw material for another aeronautical construction project!

Kite building was next on the agenda. The kites were built from plans then personalised and decorated ready for a trip out to a local hilltop park to fly them. Unfortunately the elemental forces involved played tricks on us; the wind we needed faded away and the water we hoped to avoid came down in driving sheets of rain!

Balloons were inflated with helium, tags were attached requesting the finder to report back to St Albans and a mass balloon release was enjoyed by every one. The balloons didn’t all travel that far, but it was interesting receiving the reports of various ‘touchdowns’, which came in to the centre the next day.

Wind chimes were painted and decorated and the kids got to take these home.

A long way from the oceans and the huge container ships, which support the global economy today, a trip along the canal on board one of the historical cargo carriers proved to be very popular and great fun. Every one loved the barge trip.

Panels were designed and painted depicting animals and birds, which make their homes on, in or near the sea. When they were finished they were mounted around the water feature that stands in the St Albans grounds along with some of the wind chimes and make a very attractive display.

Well done to everyone involved.