Pat Ryan wins Smethwick Community Award

Smethwick Community AwardsSt Albans nominated Pat Ryan for a Smethwick Community Award for Volunteers that began this year by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Community Development team.

Pat gave 28 years of her life to St Albans and only stopped her commitment when she become terminally ill.

Pat was one of the main instigators of the transition of St Albans as a church to St Albans as a community centre. Pat won the posthumous award, we are very proud to have been such a large part of her life.

Following the sad loss of Pat Ryan who had dedicated so much time and worked relentlessly to support St Albans, the Centre Manager, Tonia Flannagan, wanted to do something so we could celebrate her life each year. St Albans went on to implement The Pat Ryan Volunteer of the Year Awards.