Pat Ryan Volunteer of the Year Award 2012

Volunteer Award 2013 - BERYL AND STEVE HARRISFollowing the sad loss of Pat Ryan who had dedicated so much time and worked relentlessly to support St Albans, Tonia wanted to do something so we could celebrate her life each year. St Albans have implemented the Pat Ryan Volunteer of the Year Award.

Staff were asked to nominate the volunteer they felt contributed significantly to the centre. Nominees were current volunteers of the centre; staff voted and the unanimous winner was Beryl Stamps.

Beryl Stamps (above) after a surprise visit from Steve Harris (Forrest) from Emergency Bikers.

Beryl is nearly 71 years of age and has been volunteering at St Albans Community Association for 28 years. Beryl never lets us down and nothing is too much trouble for her.

Beryl works an average of 25 hours per week and undertakes several vital tasks within the centre. Beryl’s main role is preparing and serving meals in the lunch club.

However, Beryl does whatever is required and no job is refused and often assists with the cleaning of the centre. She helps out at all additional events like the fashion shows and community fairs, giving 100%.

Beryl is an integral part of the St Albans Lunch Club. Without the volunteers and in particular Beryl the lunch club and out meals service would not be able to operate.

Without people like Beryl and our other volunteers like her would result in the centres closure. This is not over dramatising things, this is a fact. This would impact on some of Smethwick’s most vulnerable residents including the elderly and disabled.

Beryl does not consider what she does to be out of the ordinary. We on the other hand consider her to be exceptional and a vital asset to the centre.

St Albans also celebrated the commitment of Beryl’s and all the other volunteers with a special presentation ceremony during which each of the volunteers was presented with certificates of appreciation.