Family Support

St Albans Community Centre works closely with families supporting them through life’s difficulties.

Being a parent is a wonderful and rewarding experience. At times we know that it can also be daunting and a huge responsibility to tackle alone. Our Family Work allows us to extend a helping hand. We work in partnership with other agencies delivering Wider Determinants of Health project. This joint project aims to address some of the wider determinants of health in the hope that we can improve the overall wellbeing of our local residents through targeted interventions.

Some of the support we offer is …

  • Practical and hands-on help with providing a better environment and lifestyle for your family.
  • Provide training opportunities to help develop skills and knowledge including digital support, first aid, parenting skills, healthy eating and nutrition and so much more.
  • Completing home visits and befriending phone calls
  • Offering support and advice to overcome isolation and social exclusion.
  • Empowering families
  • Attending appointments and meetings that families may have
  • Signposting families to the right support – bridging the gap between families and organisations
  • Supporting families and individuals to unpick and separate issues to work through, putting in place individual interventions.

If you require the support of a Family Worker, please complete the referral/registration form.

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